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About Me

Welcome to Orange Point Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine!

My name is Dr. Nina Boeddeker, I am a CA licensed Acupuncturist and I am looking forward to working with you.

I am committed to offering natural healing solutions for both acute and chronic conditions. Whether you want relief from back pain, better sleep or simply more energy in your day, acupuncture can improve your quality of life.

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Treatment Methods



Herbal Medicine

Herbal Remedies

Acupuncture treatments use thin stainless needles which are inserted at specific points on your body, often following certain pathways called meridians.  The needles stimulate your body’s natural energy, known as qi (pronounced chee). When qi is imbalanced, you may experience pain or other symptoms. Acupuncture treatments help restore balance and relieve symptoms, and they are also a fantastic way of preventing imbalances and disease in the first place. Most people experience an acupuncture session as a relaxing and pain free time-out, and feeling refreshed can be one of the direct benefits of an acupuncture session.


Hand Massage

Experience relief from muscle tension, knots, and pain with body treatments like Gua Sha and cupping. These therapies not only target specific issues but also support your lymphatic system and detoxification process. From common colds to chronic conditions like asthma or digestive problems, these treatments will leave you feeling better immediately. Another favorite technique of mine is moxibustion, which involves burning mugwort near or on specific acupuncture points to promote the smooth flow of qi, addressing blockages and discomfort. Moxa treatments not only provide warmth but also boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and contribute to overall well-being.

Chinese herbal medicine is the sister to acupuncture, and neither would be complete without the other. Herbal formulas will accompany your treatment and give you ongoing support and benefits in addition to your acupuncture session.  Chinese herbal medicine looks back on several thousand years of experience, and the art of crafting successful herbal formulas has been perfected over many generations of skilled herbalists. Today we can utilize a huge canon of herbal formulas to address specific issues, and we can further modify these formulas to make it fit your exact pattern as closely as possible. In my practice I mostly use herbal granules and tinctures which are concentrated extracts of herbal decoctions. They are safe and convenient for you to take.  Herbs range from mild and supportive tonics that can be added to your daily foods to strong and effective medications for acute diseases.


Low Calorie Salad

Nutritional advice tailored to your situation will often be a part of my treatment protocol for you and I can support you in choosing the best types of foods for you. Advice will range from dietary suggestions to supplements to edible medicinal herbs for preparing either teas and/or food.


“I came to her with acute pain, which she reduced significantly with acupuncture and massage on my first visit”   

- Yvonne K.

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